In The News

Let's review some cases in the news, especially the more aggregious cases where HOAs have competely screwed their homeowners.


DeAnza Estates HOA and Fiore Racobs & Powers Law Firm (Riverside County)

A 75-year old woman in Riverside was forced to file bankruptcy hoping to discharge her homeowners association's attorney fees (NOTE:This is not an unpaid HOA dues case: this amount is over HOA attorney's fees over an HOA dispute) now amounting to over $102,000. The bankruptcy court judge would not discharge the (unsecured) debt, and ordered the woman be evicted from her paid-off home by the US Marshall.

Homeowners Teddy Sheldon and Jennie Ann Guida filed a complaint Riverside County Superior Court (not small claims) in 2003. Two years later they both dismissed the complaint before it was to go to trial. The homeowners association wanted $71,000 in attorney's fees, and the court ordered Teddy Sheldon to pay $30,000 in fees. The homeowners association attorneys, Fiore Racobs & Powers, never supplied any documentation on how their hours were calculated.

Here's a timeline of events in this case:

Date Event Document
May 27, 2003 Teddy Sheldon and Jennie Ann Guida file a complaint in Riverside County Superior Court alleging that the board of directors elected themselves to the board and did not hold a proper election. They allege the board of directors was vacant and no dues were being collected.
April 15, 2005 Jennie Ann Guida dismisses complaint.
April 28, 2005 Teddy Sheldon dismisses complaint.
July 5, 2005 Riverside County Superior Court judge Steven Cunningson rules that the association is not entitled to $71,000 that Fiore Racobs & Powers "says" its owed. Instead, Cunningson issues an order for Sheldon to pay $30,000 in Fiore Racobs' fees based on no documentation from these lawyers.