Help for Homeowners

If you own in a CID (Common Interest Development) in California and are looking for help with a problem with your homeowners association, look here. It was probably invisible to you when you were looking at homes, but HOAs are actually a big industry, complete with lobbyists, lawyers, and other vendors who make their living off of you. And the value they bring to you runs the spectrum from the gardner who plants flowers in front of your home to the lawyer who wants you out.

Frequent Complaints

Association Won't Provide Documents

A frequent complaint from homeowners within HOAs is that the HOA will not provide the homeowner with certain documents. Most of the documents used in the running a HOA are available to the homeowner for inspection, but the HOAs often ignore, delay, and otherwise stall the homeowners in providing that information.

Here, we will show you how to document your requests so you will be able to inspect and/or copy the documents you seek.


California Law

California Civil Code 4000 provides what a homeowner is entitled to review.